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General Service Valves
ASCO General Service Valves control the flow of neutral gases. They are known for their long life and fast response time. ASCO General Services Valves are available in multiple mounting configurations.

Isolation Valves
ASCO Isolation Valves control the flow of neutral and aggressive fluids. They key design characteristic of an isolation valve is to isolate the fluid from the solenoid, which is crucial for applications requiring high fluid purity and low dead volume.

Pinch Valves
ASCO Pinch Valves provide the ability to control the flow of a fluid through an uninterrupted flow path. The fluid stays in its original supply tube and is controlled by the opening and closing "pinch" of the valve. Because the fluid never leaves the supply tube there is zero dead volume and no cross-contamination risk.

Proportional Valves
ASCO Proportional Valves control the flow of neutral fluids. By varying the input current you can precisely adjust the valve's flow rate. This eliminates the need for a variable flow system to contain multiple valves with different flow rates.

Manifold Assemblies
ASCO offers complete manifold assemblies utilizing our 411 and RB Series valves. These assemblies consist of the valves mounted onto any anodized aluminum manifold and 100% factory tested. They are available in a single station manifold up to 12 station assembly standard.

Miniature Valve Accessories
ASCO offers a variety of accessories including fittings, tubing, and electrical connectors tailored specifically for our miniature valve products