ASCO is the world’s leading manufacturer of solenoid valves for the control of fluids, combining over 100 years of experience with high technology. ASCO Redhat valves offer the world’s largest selection of 2 way solenoid valves, 3 way solenoid valves and 4 way solenoid valves, designed to handle the most demanding fluid control applications controlling the flow of air, gas, water, oil, steam and a host of many other media applications.

Hays Fluid Controls is a manufacturer of normally closed 2-way solenoid valves and automatic flow controls. The Hays 2110 series Electro-Flo solenoid valve is designed for water service to 150 psi. The Hays 2192 series Electro-Steam solenoid valve is designed for steam service to 150 psi. The Hays 2305 and 2307 series Measurflo Automatic Flow Controls provides a constant flow rate on a consistent basis.

Magnatrol is a manufacturer of high quality 2-way bronze and stainless steel solenoid valves, offering superior performance, and unsurpassed reliability. Magnatrol solenoid valves range from 1 /4” NPT to 3” NPT sizes, rated up to 500 PSIG and 400 degrees F. No differential pressure required to open. To control the flow of Water, Air, Gas, Oil, Solvents, Vacuum, Steam, Hot Liquids, Hot Gases, Brine and Cryogenics.

Kunkle Valve is a leading manufacturer of quality safety and relief valve products for industrial and commercial applications, including steam, air, liquid, cryogenics and on-hazardous gases. Sizes range from 1/4-inch NPT through 6-inch flange and are suitable for services ranging from cryogenic to 850° F at set pressures ranging from vacuum to 6,500 psig. They are available in a wide range of materials including Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, and Aluminum.

W.E. Anderson, a division of Dwyer Instruments, is a manufacturer of control valves. These include Control valves, Ball valves, Butterfly valves, Check valves, Globe valves, Needle valves, Electric-actuated Ball valves, Zone valves, Strainers, Check, Angle seat, Manifold valves and Solenoid valves. Also positioners, controllers and position indicators.

Dwyer Instruments is a manufacturer of pressure gages, manometers, pressure-switches, transmitters, flowmeters, flow-switches, pilot tubes, anemometers, air velocity instruments, levelswitches, Magnehelic® differential pressure gages, Photohelic® pressure switch/gages, Rate Master® flowmeters, and Hi-Flow® valves. Dwyer is a leading manufacturer in the controls and instrumentation industry and serves major markets including, but not limited to, HVAC, chemical, food, oil and gas and pollution control.

United Brass Works is a manufacturer of high quality industrial brass valves. These include: Boiler Trim Valves such as Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Swing Check Valves, Angle Valves, Strainers, Blow Down Valves, Reducing Valves, Lift Check Valves, Whistle Valves, Needle Valves, Float Valves, Boiler Drains, Continuous Blowdown Valves and Tricocks.

Numatics is the leading provider of pneumatic valves, air cylinders, control systems and air preparation components such as filters, regulators and lubricators. Numatics Modular FlexiBlok FRL products are available in port sizes from 1/8 inch to 1 inch with flow rates from 30 to 300 scfm. The Flexiblok product line include particulate and coalescing filters and filter/regulator combinations, regulators, lubricators, manual shut-off valves, solenoid soft start and quick exhaust valves, diverter blocks, and other circuitry accessories.